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businesses are as unique as thier owners so support is tailored to your needs

“There are no traffic jams along the extra mile”

Roger Staubach

Here you will find a selection of ways in which we can work together and the exact skills and expertise I can offer you.  I have worked with clients in the sectors of E-commerce, retail, events and B2C services, and have extensive personal experience in the travel sector.

One off Packages

Find out how I can help you



2 hours + follow up report + access to relevant templates

ger·mi·nat·e: to begin to grow or develop.

A germinate call is ideal if you have a specific area of concern in your business, or want to get some sharp guidance on how you can implement new strategies, growth plans, changes or a new process. 

Alternatively, the call could be used to run through a business plan or growth/impact strategy with me

This will help business owners who are happy to take advice and run with it to achieve the results they want to see. Or alternatively if you have recently started your business and would like guidance on the best way to set your processes and analysis up in the first instance to serve you well into your future growth.

I will follow up with a report and provide access to any of my templates that may be relevant to your focus areas.



1 day + follow up report + access to relevant templates

Can be split into half days/video conferencing

cul·ti·vat·e: to promote growth or development.

Sharing a cultivate day with me is ideal if you are at the start of your business journey, but also if you have been operating for a while and have experienced growth to the point where your ad hoc systems, processes and gut-feel decision making is starting to cause you overwhelm. 

Goal setting will form an important part of your day with the intention that you will come away not only focused on what you want to achieve but with a clear roadmap of how to go about this. 

We will spend a large part of the day mapping out areas of your business and looking at how to improve efficiencies and introduce a level of analytics that is manageable for you but will allow you the confidence to make strategic and everyday decisions that will allow you to achieve your goals.



1 day + 6/8 weeks hands-on support

(up to 2 hours per week for your business + ongoing email support)

prop·a·gat·e: cause to broaden or spread.

If the idea of delving into your systems and data, to pull together reports and insights, or the creation and implementation of new processes has you wanting to run for the hills, you can work with me as a one-off on an intensive project to implement many of the suggestions we pull together in the cultivate day together. 

Rather than providing the templates to go away and work on, I will create your reports along with video and pdf guides on how to maintain these once our project has been completed. 

Plus I will be available afterwards for any small maintenance on your systems/reports/processes and to answer questions you may have.


“Hold the vision trust the process”


When deciding to work with a business consultant, the greatest results can be found in working on an ongoing basis through a project or with a defined mid to long term goal in focus. The ways in which you can work with me over longer periods are…

Ongoing Support

Find out how I can help you


£120/per month

This ongoing package might look like a bi-weekly hour-long call or a couple of hours of report updating or research or it may be 30 mins of ideas chats a week and nothing more. It may even change week to week.

But through having me as your accountability ally, you will have someone on hand to support and discuss all manner of business challenges and opportunities you may face.

I will ensure you are being clear about what you want to achieve each month and give you nudges and prompts to keep you focused, or help you redefine the coming weeks if life happens because we all know how curveballs can come from nowhere, and our businesses need to be adaptable to this.


£350/per month

Consider this option an additional pair of hands and eyes in your business for 2 hours a week. 

This would work for you if you want to focus on the areas of your business you love and want to leave the analytical reviews and insights to someone else. Or if you need another strategic business brain to run your ideas by.

I’ll be available via whatsapp/email for ad hoc requests and queries as well as this we will speak every week where its convenient for you, to set the weekly plan of action and understand how I can reduce some of the mental baggage