Providing Tools, Guidance & Strategic Support for Small Businesses

Working Towards Building a Sustainable Business For You, Your Family and the Planet.

Being a sustainable business has multiple meanings, in the first instance, I want you to have a business that can sustain itself to support your goals. That may be to spend more time with your family, create financial abundance, allowing for investment and philanthropy, or free up time to allow you to direct your energy towards voluntary work or social action. I provide strategic support for small businesses to make this an achievable goal.

Work with me to…

Clarify your business goals
Implement plans to achieve these goals
Introduce more efficient processes
Increase visibility of your financial position, sales trends, and customer insights

Working together to create balance in your life


a cut out person holding a plant to demonstrate how working with me can offer strategic support for small businesses



A 2 hour call, equivilant to a nudge in the right direction to implement the guidance and suggestions I provide.

Includes prior research, 2 hours of intensive problem solving and a follow up report as well as access to any of my downloadable templates relevant to your situation.

two cut out figures, planting together showing how I can Helping you Plan using strategic support for small businesses



A full day together (or split over 2 half days) either via Zoom or in Person, where practical.

Includes prior research, A full day of problem-solving, planning and strategising plus a follow-up report and access to any of my downloadable templates relevant to your situation.

a cut out gardener, nurturing a flower showing how your business can grow working with me on strategic support for small businesses



All of the inclusions from the Germinate day. Followed up with the direct implementation of many of the strategies and plans by myself,  over a 6 week period. I will also be available for follow up support in the coming months. Please note this package has limited availability throughout the  year.

You can find out more about each way we can work together here, but as a general rule, if you are a business owner who finds challenges in navigating business, whilst also caring for and being mindful of people and the planet, it is likely you could benefit from working with me.

In the interest of being transparent and honest none of my packages are for you if you are looking to grow your business at a rapid speed with a focus on profit and consumption

Why Me?

If you would like to know more about my career and experience you are welcome to check my Linkedin profile here.

What I really want to share with you is why I made the change, mid pandemic from a secure and well-regarded position, to set up on my own. It all boils down to one conversation I had with my coach around 18 months before my career change…

“What will your life look like in 5 years if you carry on as you are today?”

The path I was on, conjured up an image of a burnt-out, frazzled, corporate bod. This vision rumbled around in my mind for a year. It felt like the distant threatening of a thunderstorm, but I realised that I was in charge of that narrative and I could change this to something more fitting…

“I want to have a balanced life, surrounded by and supporting people with like-minded values and principles in reaching their full potential, while we all strive to leave a positive impact on our environment”. So here I am…

I understand how hiring a Strategic Business Consultant sounds serious and corporate in addition, I have worked with clients who have hired other external support options, which haven’t worked out, as they just can’t understand the WHY that underpins what they do. My aim is to not only understand but share that WHY and build on it to help you reach your goals, in a way that is tailored entirely to you, being as flexible as you and your business needs in offering a range of solutions.

Rachael sat in the sun ready to offer strategic support for small businesses


 “I started working with Rachael and within a week amazing things started to happen… I was so motivated by the fact I had someone there to talk to about my business who was incredibly knowledgeable.

She’s so focused & engaging and fits her service to your specific needs & business type”

Louise Salvage, Owner Wild One Adventures


“Rachael has been a really positive influence on my business, she has such a vast knowledge and really gets stuck in! Professional & polite, in just a few short weeks we had plans in all areas of my business, things I hadn’t even thought about! Would 100% recommend working with Rachael

Jacqui Tiltman, Owner Eco Tots Trading Ltd


“Rachael came onboard at a pinnacle moment in my business, where orders had exploded & I had no idea how to best manage the associated admin. Rachael took the time to understand my process, before creating a system to automate it

Rebs Hope, Owner The Crayon Bug